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Wolf by crumbleupsoul
So I drew a wolf yesterday and I finally think I have got the look down.
There was a story about a little boy who was half and half of two creatures as a result he had blue eyes and could see peoples shadows after they moved and hes was kidnapped as a baby
And he was whipped and beaten as punishment he had two friends who were actually his cousins who were kidnapped aswell
He then was injured and became weird kind of crazy
after that he was shoved into the arena and his boy cousin foughthim and then people shot arrows and his boy cousin to,d him to run he did thrn he passed out in the woods
And he was saved by the arrow people then returned home where he wasa prince and he was treated spevially hegot sick and then was taken back to the original place then his brothers brojein to save him again
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Ok im kinda a wierd person
well what im semi good at is photography but i also draw alot which doesnt make me good.
I am in the high school swim team and am good at backstroke and freestyle (front crawl)
I have to sisters
a father and a mother
Two grandmas and one grandpa
one cat one dog and one chinny and two bettas one catfish one frog and a goldfish
of which the four fish I have two are named after hunger game chars even though pudgy petta doesnt mean hes pudgey its just a funny thing my sister made up

I have a love of animals
and hav been told by almost every teacher I have had in middle school I would go into the DNR
my father too and many people from church and by Mt top people I have helped
I have witnessed a person dieing
and have saved one persons life
I have hunted with my father for seven years have shot five deer (whitetails)
two bucks three does
and one elk a six by six
we do not waste the meat
or any part of the animal the insides are taken out and given to the coyotes foxes wolves and mountain lions on our farm
and the bones are given to a taxidermist and h does what ever he wants with the bones
if its a nice buck it is mounted and hung on our wall

favorite animal i've saved:: umm flurry hes a littles bird I kept in my sisters room for a few days treating his wounds until he could fly then I let him go back to his parents. that next to the possums of whom I have saved from my dog and multiple other animals particlarly birds I dont know why I have the facination with them but I do

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